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Programming and Technical Specifications of TBox Nano
This Excel sheet gives you an estimation of battery life time according to your application.
Ethernet IP protocol
The speech generation interface "TextSpeak" can be connected to TBox. It makes TBox talking ... Mulitple languages are supported. A demo can be downloaded from here [] Doc...
CAD .step file of MS-CPU32-S2
CAD .dwg file for TBox-LT2
- TBoxMS - Rack - TBoxMS - Cabling
Download full colour logo [] Download black logo [] Download white logo [
MODBUS ASCII protocol is implemented only on the MC-11 module. It appears not to have translated across to the MC-12 module. When MODBUS ASCII is selected on an MC-12 port the MODBUS message being sent out is still in MODBUS RTU format. It is possible tha...
This application illustrates the following features: - connection through WiFi - connection to TConnect - sending SMS - sending FTP - WebForm 2.0 with HTTP session authentication - WebForm 2.0 javascript - Configuration using "Runtime Parameters"
This application shows how to configure TBox when a HMI (or other "Master") communicates to TBox, and both HMI and TBox do not follow the same rule for handling 32bit variables.
This example shows how using Runtime Parameters in ModBus transactions. If communicating the same data to multiple remote devices. This avoids having to configure many devices and ModBus transactions
This application shows how doing ModBus transactions to a remote device with communication redundancy.
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